Our Solutions

Marta Teknoloji A.Ş., the main products we offer as a solution provider and provider are presented below. In addition, integrated solutions are produced with our Technology Services.

Lucia Network Analysis Software

Have important data about what is happening in your network, be notified instantly by receiving notifications from SMS, Mail, Mobile Applications. You can receive notifications of your devices in your network with heat, processor load, ram, disk, camera alarms, ethernet traffic, hardware changes, SNMP data analysis, port controls and hundreds of Sensors. You can follow the live on-off status of your devices on the online map.

Kimliq Identity Deduplication Software

Get rid of user and identity confusion in multiple applications for your institutions and organizations. SSO Service for All Your Applications, Directory Synchronization, Multiple Authentication Service, Identity deduplication, Gmail, Office365, Zimbra, Ldap, Active Directory Account mappings etc. Check out our multi-service solution.

SIP Firewall (R&D)

In IP-Based voice communication, the PBX-IP phone is deployed between the PBX-Voice Provider circuit; Attack and Fraud Detection, Intrusion and Fraud prevention,
VoIP security and reporting solution that will provide the Opportunities of Billing, BTK Reporting and Key Performance Indicator; It will ensure the security of voice communication and prevent possible illegal calls and seizures.

Santa CloudPBX

With the Cloud Based Multi-Tenant IP Switchboard, you can move all your communication to the cloud. In this way, you can use location-independent telephone, conference, fax, voicemail and advanced greeting services.

PaiPa Video-Text Archiving Software

With PaiPa you can keep a live event log by adding text to your Camera Recorders. (Ex: Cash, POS, Extre, Cashier, etc.)

SanTakip Business Tracking Software

You can fully control all your processes with the software that allows you to track your work-progress projects that you are carrying out with your customers, and performs Task, work progress, Time, Wage, expenditure, stock, Offer, Fax, Collateral, finance, Personnel leave, Advance management.

Carcass Grading System

An integrated tape and software system that manages the grading and classification processes of carcasses in European Standards is installed on a turnkey basis.

Security Cameras -Analysis Solutions

IP Camera Systems, Recording Systems, Cabling, Security Camera Rooms, VideoWALL Services Are Offered.

Audio Services

Number Allocation/Mobile, SMS, Online Fax, Voice Packages, Conference Call, Call Forwarding, Corporate Voice Charge, Monthly Minute Services, Pay-as-you-go Special voice welcome

Professional Maintenance Support Solutions

Existing and/or newly planned Server, System Room, Network Structure, Virtualization, Switch, Router, Firewall etc. Professional services are provided by our expert teams in undertaking the services. In addition to Monthly Maintenance Support Agreements, Technological Consulting Services are also offered.

Server-Network Virtualization Services

Institutional infrastructure improvement, server installations, network products installation and configurations, server virtualization backup and replication solutions, experienced internet security log and audit solutions are offered.

Consultancy services

SIEM, Leakage Tests, DNS Firewall, Ransomware data encryption prevention and solutions, corporate IT infrastructure, security, threat analysis consultancy and maintenance services are offered.
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