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Bulut Santral (Virtual Switchboard) is an internet-based new generation telephone switchboard that replaces old-style physical telephone exchanges, provides service over the Internet with cloud technology, and you can use the switchboard features from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Thanks to cloud technology, it offers a more secure, technological and affordable communication infrastructure in communication.

There is no need to set up a physical switchboard, which requires investment cost, with Bulut Santral, which replaces the old-style analog telephone exchanges. It works completely online. So wherever you have internet is your office!

With Cloud Central, you get rid of complex cable structures. With its technological, flexible structure and user-friendly interface, you can manage it yourself without paying a support fee.

You can meet the telephone exchange needs of all your branches with a single cloud switchboard without the need to invest in a separate switchboard for each of your branches. You can reset your communication costs between branches.

Your Reasons for Using Virtual PBX



You do not pay institution fees. You can have the cloud switchboard by paying the monthly package fees. There is no commitment in our cloud PBX (Virtual PBX) packages. You can terminate the service at any time. Virtual PBX (Cloud PBX) is ready in a few minutes. You can start using it right away. Since it is hosted in the cloud central datacenter environment, it does not suffer from internet and power cuts. Your number is not affected by outages in your location. You do not pay any extra fees for cloud exchange updates. Support and maintenance service is free.

Your Reasons for Using Virtual PBX



You can save up to 75 percent in your search costs. With the free API service we offer, you can integrate your cloud exchange with your CRM or software for FREE. Cloud Santral (Virtual Switchboard) can be accessed and managed from anywhere with an internet network. It is easy to use.

Your Reasons for Using Virtual PBX



You can use your cloud switchboard wherever there is an internet network. In cases such as moving, it is sufficient to carry only your ip phones. Cloud Santral has security at international standards with its advanced cloud technology.

Your Reasons for Using Virtual PBX



Cloud Switchboard (Virtual Switchboard) is a virtual switchboard that provides service over the internet with cloud technology, without having a telephone exchange in your company. You can be a member of CLOUD SANTRAL from anywhere with internet. You can use it in your cloud exchange, either by allocating a 0850 or geographical number, or by porting your existing fixed phone number.

IP-based, voip numbers are used in the cloud exchange. Since analog numbers (PSTN) cannot be used in the cloud exchange, you can use your existing analog number in your cloud exchange by transferring your existing analog number to Virtual Santral A.Ş Telecommunication.

You can make calls over the virtual exchange with savings of up to 75%. You can allocate 0850 numbers at Don’t forget to book your number!

Whether you move your number to the Virtual Switchboard, or you can start using the Fixed Telephone Service with the new geographical numbers (0212,0312,0232 and other area codes) or numbers with 0850, we will give you!

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    Flexible Communication


    You can talk internally from anywhere by defining your internal user name and password. You can search anywhere. You don’t need to be in your office.

    IP Phones

    With desktop ip phones, you can be an extension of your cloud exchange, and you can make all your incoming/outgoing calls via ip phones.

    Ip Dect (Wireless) Telephones

    If you want to use a cordless phone instead of a desk phone, you can make all your incoming/outgoing calls via ip dect phones.


    With the BS Web Phone or calling software installed on your computer, you can become an extension of your cloud exchange, make and receive calls via a headset microphone.

    Smartphone / Tablet

    You can become an extension of your cloud exchange through the applications installed on your smartphone or tablet, and make all your incoming/outgoing calls.

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