VOIP Firewall

In IP-Based voice communication, the PBX-IP phone is deployed between the PBX-Voice Provider circuit;

Attack and Fraud Detection,
Attack and Fraud prevention,
BTKa Reporting and Obtaining Key Performance Indicator,
VoIP security and reporting solution that will provide its facilities; It will ensure the security of voice communication and prevent possible illegal calls and seizures.

Rosa SIP Firewall

Get the security of your IP PBXs. The most important primary way to avoid attacks is to isolate voice traffic.


Increasing cybercrime and cyber attacks pose major problems for VoIP systems, the usage of which is increasing rapidly.
The main purpose of cyber fraud attacks is to gain unfair advantage by infiltrating the VoIP system, causing unauthorized use of telephone lines and even leasing these lines to third parties.
Although the software and hardware used vary widely, they are generally high cost. While the companies serving in the sector are creating their infrastructure, they mostly allocate their resources to hardware and software that will provide the sound transport infrastructure due to these high costs.


The main task of the mediator server is that the servers produce the call detail records in their own formats, detailing them and in their own order; The fact that every CDR generating system can transmit call detail records to the relevant sub-unit by converting them to the structure they accept. The absence of such a bridge makes it necessary to develop additional software in order to ensure smooth data flow.

Service Quality

With this developed product, the abuse of infrastructures of IP switchboards and voice providers will be prevented to a large extent. At the same time, there are very few Firewalls developed for this newly developing service in the world.

Learning Ability

Rosa SIP Firewall detects and blocks the anomaly of network traffic by listening to the structure.

Technical Capabilities

SIP Firewall allows the requests by pre-analyzing the incoming requests without registering by proxying or preventing the passing traffic.

SIP ALG Method

When a message packet containing Session Description Protocol (SDP) arrives, ALG allocates the port for this packet and creates the corresponding NAT mapping. Because Session Description Protocol needs cascading ports for Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Real-Time Control Protocol (RTCP) channels. ALG provides sequential ports for this need. If it is not possible to provide these sequential ports, ALG discards the SIP message.

IP Ban

During voice transmission over UDP Protocols, login authentication is allowed based on destination ip information. However, it analyzes abnormal behavior. Accordingly, the incoming source IP address is banned.

Domain Based Multi-Tenant Access Control

IP-based accesses are added to the direct ban system by waiting for the requests to come with the FQDN address during the internal registration process from the outside world. and dynamic rule is added to Firewall.

Prohibited Obligations

Pursuant to the law numbered 5651, which is stated in the law on keeping the access records of the Telecommunication Communication Presidency, the format of the records obtained in the format requested by the Presidency and compliance with the law imposes a standard and obligation.

Accordingly, IP-based switchboard users, especially voice providers, businesses with at least 10 personnel are indirectly obliged to keep their call records (CDR) and send them to voice providers.

The product to be created at the end of the project will be able to provide today's demand reports as it can generate compatible reports for ICTA. These report types are;

a. STH_ABONE_%Date%.abn,

b. URGENT_CAGRI_%Date%.acl,

c. SUBSCRIBE_CDR_%Date%.abn,

D. STH_CRD_%Date%.cdr,' extension reports.

Ease of Use

Use the security of voice traffic in Turkish.

Multi-Tenant Support

Provides Access Security for Multi-Plane and Firewall management. Multiple Clients Can Be Hosted.

Types of Attack

Types of User Attacks

  • Eavesdropping(Eavesdropping on other people’s private conversations)
    ddos attack
    RTP Flooding

Attacks against the carrier

  • Remote Access
  • Malformed Ddos
  • Operating System Attacks
  • Application Manipulations
  • Protocol Attacks

Damage to the World

According to an investigation by the CFCA in 2013, a total of $46.3 billion in phone-based fraud was committed worldwide. According to the total loss in the top 5 of these fraudulent activities;

1. Scam with fake account with $5.22 Billion

2. Access to Power Plant systems with $4.42 Billion

3. Access and capture of Account information with $3.62 Billion

4. VoIP hacking with $3.62 Billion

5. Dealer Fraud with $3.35 Billion

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