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Provides Data Security and Reliable Communication

Our aim

What are we doing?

Our definition of information security consultancy; We create by combining our client, server and network security packages. In this context, we can say that our security consultancy service definition is to see the general information technology platform in the institution as a whole and to reveal the most appropriate security solutions. The security solutions produced are evaluated with their advantages and disadvantages, by comparing them with the needs. With the advantage of the holistic approach brought by the project approach, we include every stage from the center to the very edge in the complete security policies.

01. Our Standards




We offer “Cyber Security / Information Technologies Security”, which is one of our main focus points, both within the framework of world-renowned standards (ISO 27001, ITIL, etc.) and with our professional team, special information security and management consultancy services for your company.

02. Our Capabilities

We offer the compatibility of the solutions and products to be invested in your company structure, the information security of all personnel, especially the Information Technologies Department, and the security competency issues, especially regarding Zero-Day threats, within the boundaries of the “Information Technologies Security” service. The mere detection of vulnerabilities does not constitute a precaution against threats that may come from outside.

03. Our Methods




As a cyber security company, it provides the most accurate service in positioning information security processes at the core of corporate workflows that require continuity. Information Technologies Security should not be a general package, but a service created specifically for companies.

Some of Our Methods

Creation of information systems inventory, • Vulnerability tests, • Social engineering tests, • Malware investigation, • Electronic insect search and detection services

Our scopes

Information Technologies Security Consulting Service;

Corporate Information Technologies Security Technical Trainings (Admins)
Corporate Information Technologies Security Awareness Trainings (Clients)
ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
Secure Network Architecture Design
Network Access Control (NAC) – Network Access Control
Network Access Protection (NAP) – Network Access Protection
Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) – Intrusion Detection Systems
Security of Cloud Technologies – Cloud Technologies Security
Penetration – Penetration Tests
Application Security Tests
Server and All Active Devices Vulnerability Tests
User Machines Vulnerability Tests
Vulnerability Database Reviews
Google HackDatabase

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Our reporting

The detailed report to be created after the service is the first big step to close the gaps that pose a risk. After the penetration test, first of all, a non-technical and understandable report is created for company managers, as well as a report with technical and solution suggestions for IT departments.

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